Barcelona is a city and metropolis located on the Mediterranean coast, in the Iberian Peninsula. It is the quintessential capital of Catalonia it being both the autonomous region, as the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. Also it’s the second city in population and economic weight of the Iberian Peninsula. This municipality is growing above a plain embedded between the Serra de Collserola mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea between the mouths of Besòs and Llobregat Rivers.

Shoot in Barcelona is free for all kind of cultural productions. Only the productions with a commercial purpose or related with some brand have to pay the occupation fees of the public spaces, with the exception of asking for a General Permit which is free for all kind of productions. This one is the fastest and easiest permit to obtain. You can check the conditions here.

If the needs of the filming overtake the General Permit conditions you can ask for a Specific Permit. Check how to do it here.

Filming request contact

Barcelona Film Commission
+34 93 454 80 66


Carrer Pujades, 81


Locations in this town