Guinardó Park

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Updated: 11/19/2021

C/ de Garriga i Roca, 1-13
08041 Barcelona



Cultural productions:
Barcelona Film Commission
(+34) 93 454 80 66

(You can also manage the permit by filling the forms in this website)

Commercial Productions:
Medi Ambient - Parcs i Jardins

Water plays a central role in this park, where woodland rusticity lives side by side with the elegance of a trimmed-shrub garden.

It has three very distinct areas: an urban part, which serves as an antechamber to this vast green space, a historical part and a top part, which is made up of lush woodland vegetation. Its landscaped terraces and pine trees make it one of the most refreshing and peaceful green spaces in the city.

Given the park’s steep rise and considerable height, it is a popular place for doing a bit of sport and running. It is well worth the visit, because there are miradors at the top offering magnificent views of Barcelona.

Sections from this amenity
Children's Play Area
Table tennis / Ping pong
Petanque / Boules Pitches