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Updated: 03/12/2020

C/ Provença, 102 - Sobreàtic
08029 Barcelona



Ms. Anabel Luna
(+34) 93 175 30 95

Audiovisual productions, exhibitions, showroom, team building, advertising campaigns, shootings, showcooking, pop-up store, etc...

ATICNOU is a loft and multidisciplinary space of 170m2 with natural light all day, terrace, photography studio, open-space kitchen for your photo shoots, recordings, conferences, workshops, and everything you can imagine. We have air conditioning, wi-fi, bathroom and Monof. 5.7Kw.

Studio - Free space (measures: 7m x 5 m approx.)
Workshops, teambuilding, shootings... Parquet floor. Direct sunlight.
Terrace (measures 10m x 4m approx.)
Private events, shootings, workshops, classes... Direct sun in the afternoon.
Open Space Kitchen (measures: 5m x 3m)
Island with movable butane gas, 4 people, parquet floor. Direct sunlight. Workshops, showcooking, shootings,...
Greenhouse Room (measures: 3.75m x 3.00m approx.)
White iron doors with opaque glass, natural light.
Filming, shootings... (backstage, make up, clients room...).

These are some of the clients that have trusted us to carry out their projects: La Caixa, Women'secret, MasterCard, Affinity, Vodafone, Beko, etc... Each client is special and we always take care of them with a very personalized treatment, contributing to make your project a success


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