About Us

Barcelona Film Commission

The Barcelona Film Commission is the service that Barcelona City Council, through the ICUB, offers to help the audiovisual sector that wants to film in our city.

Heads of the Institute of Culture of Barcelona

Arantxa García
Tel: 93 316 12 29

Carme Melús
Tel: 93 413 22 02

The Barcelona Film Commission is a service managed by New Media Audiovisual. SLU.

Barcelona Film Office

The Barcelona Film Office is a public and free service, with personal telephone and on-line assistance through the website barcelonafilmcommission.com.

Montse Guiu
Office Coordinator



Clara Sendra
Technical Manager



Olga Simón
Shooting Coordinator



Dolors Besa
Shooting coordinator


Anabel Vélez
Communication Manager


Sebastián Mery
BFC Team Coordinator




Our conditions

In return for the use of the BFC services and the city as a set, we kindly ask the production companies to include in their final credits and communication materials the BFC name and logo, as well as the names of the public or private entities involved in the shooting.

You can download our logos in the Downloads page of this website.

Catalunya Film Commission

The Catalunya Film Commission (CFC) is run by the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government. Its main objectives are to promote and facilitate film shoots throughout Catalonia and stimulate the growth and consolidation of the Catalan film industry and associated services over the territory.

Carlota Guerrero
Tel: + 34 93 552 91 63

Laia Boixader
Technical manager
Tel: + 34 93 624 63 42 


How do we work?

The CFC is made up of a network of almost 200 film friendly towns and villages throughout Catalonia that offer their locations as film sets.

At the CFC we help professionals prepare their shoot in our territory, giving assistance in their search for locations, informing on shooting conditions and film permits and providing general advice on filming in Catalonia.

On this website we share with the Barcelona Film Commission you will find a comprehensive database listing more than 6000 files of public consultation which include locations, firms and professionals to facilitate the organization of your shooting in Catalonia.

The Catalunya Film Commission is a public and free service with personal, telephone and online assistance through the website www.barcelonafilmcommission.com.