Sewer System and Rainwater tanks of Barcelona

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Updated: 12/27/2021

C/ Acer, 16
08038 Barcelona



Cultural Productions:
Barcelona Film Commission
(+34) 93 454 80 66

Commercial Productions:
Ms. Mireia Perelló
Sewage System Barcelona (BCASA)
(+34) 93 289 68 00

Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua, SA (BCASA) is a company created by Barcelona City Council which manages the city's entire water cycle and provides services relating directly or indirectly to the water cycle, beaches, the coast and the environment.

Lying beneath the subsoil, the sewerage network is possibly one of the least known urban services and is made up of Barcelona’s sewers and various rainwater-regulating tanks.

Filming is possible in the sewerage network and rainwater-regulating tanks, although productions must always be adapted to the space and safety rules and accompanied by staff, leading to unavoidable costs.

Filming in this space always depends on weather forecasts and the facilities may not be accessed when it rains.

Barcelona's sewerage network: is located along Pg. Sant Joan, nº. 91, photos nº. 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Rainwater-regulating tanks: these are found at various points across Barcelona. The most suitable for filming is the one under Parc de Joan Miró, photos nº. 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

An exemption from occupancy rates can be requested for cultural productions if the requests are managed through the Barcelona Film Commission.

If you are interested in the space, tours of the location can also be organised. Filming must be planned at least fifteen days in advance.