The swimming pool of the Expo Hotel Barcelona

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Updated: 03/23/2020

C/ Mallorca, 1-23
08014 Barcelona



Mr. Gerard Moreno
(+34) 93 600 30 31

The swimming pool of the Expo Hotel Barcelona is located on the highest floor of the Hotel with a height at street level of 37m.

Fully operational to be used in scenes where bathroom is required. Also next to the pool there is a large solarium areathat can be redistributed or removed depending on the space needed. So this space is one of the most versatile in the hotel. The space has a total of 395 m2 and offers the opportunity to shoot scenes, short films and photo shoots with views of the Barcelona skyline. And it not only offers the possibility of seeing Barcelona from above, but it also has spectacular views of one of the city's best-known attractions, Montjuïc.