Miquel Martí i Pol Gardens

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Updated: 04/29/2021

C/ Llacuna, 121
08018 Barcelona



Cultural productions:
Barcelona Film Commission
(+34) 93 454 80 66

(You can also manage the permit by filling the forms in this website)

Commercial Productions:
Medi Ambient - Parcs i Jardins

These gardens are a green island that surrounds the Museu Can Framis and Fundació Vila Casas.

They were designed as a re-creation of a random forest, full of white poplars, black poplars and holm oaks.

A small, compact wood that re-awakes every spring, restoring green to the tops of the trees and flowers on the ground.

Like an improvised poem, they regale visitors with a chromatic recital, a floral poem of blues, yellows, reds, purples and lilacs.

A garden as fragile and fleeting as poetry, the best of whose verses we can catch during the brief breeze from April to May.