Vall d'Hebron Park

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Updated: 05/17/2021

Plaça de la Clota
08035 Barcelona



Cultural productions:
Barcelona Film Commission
(+34) 93 454 80 66

(You can also manage the permit by filling the forms in this website)

Commercial Productions:
Medi Ambient - Parcs i Jardins

Vall d'Hebron Park is a link between the city and Collserola. Surrounded by hills and steep slopes arranged like a succession of platforms looking towards the city, it preserves the route of the old streams inside its new incarnation.

This area links together several green spaces in a zone that was totally redeveloped for the 1992 Olympic Games, and which includes several sports and residential facilities.
Strictly speaking, the park is a succession of squares at several levels − some shaded by pergolas and attractive species of trees − and large roadside parterres, most of them on an incline. This extensive area is full of reeds, ivy climbing over the hillsides and a large number of palm and other trees, some of which were already there when the land was urbanised.

Sections from this amenity
Table tennis / Ping pong