Tablao de Carmen

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Updated: 12/12/2023

C/ Arcos, 9 (Poble Espanyol)
08038 Barcelona



Mr. Augustin de Beaucé
(+34) 93 325 68 95

The Tablao:

With more than three decades of history, the Tablao de Carmen has been recognised since its creation as the sanctuary of flamenco music in Barcelona. The Tablao is decorated in the Andalusian style, in an original and genuine atmosphere.
The whole space includes a spacious ground floor and two lofts at different heights surrounding the stage.

The Courtyard:

When the Universal Exposition in Barcelona was inaugurated in 1929, a very young Carmen Amaya danced for the Spanish king Alphonse XIII. She did it in this courtyard, a typical southern Spain courtyard that was meant to represent the beauty of the Andalusian architecture.

This courtyard stays the same nowadays and it is known as “Patio de Carmen” (Carmen´s Courtyard) and it forms part of the venue of Tablao de Carmen.

With perfectly whitened with lime, in the Andalusian way, and the colorful geraniums, the Courtyard sends the visitor to the most authentic, colorful and flamenco Andalucia.