OpenBCN Studios

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Updated: 11/14/2023

C/ del Perill, 38 - Local
08012 Barcelona



Mr. Marc (Studio Manager)
(+34) 93 192 30 38
Whatsapp: (+34) 93 192 30 38

Welcome to openbcn studios, a premium rental photography studio located in the heart of Barcelona, nestled amidst a vibrant neighborhood that offers everything you need to make your production seamless and enjoyable.

Our unbeatable location is surrounded by hotels, hostels, restaurants, and various amenities, eliminating the hassle of transfers between your accommodation and the studio, as well as navigating city traffic. You'll find yourself at home at every corner, ensuring a stress-free experience for your team.

One of our standout features is the abundance of natural light that floods our studio, thanks to strategically placed skylights along the ceiling. With the cyclo wall oriented to the southeast, we achieve consistent and homogeneous lighting throughout the day. This unique setup allows you to shoot all day long with precision and clarity, whether it's a photoshoot, video shoot, interview, or corporate event.

Speaking of our cyclo wall, it spans up to 9 meters in width, providing ample space to mount a double set to shoot photo and video at once. The studio boasts a minimum height of 4 meters and a maximum height of 6 meters, accommodating various shooting angles and setups.

To enhance your experience further, we've equipped our studio with essential amenities. You'll find a private dressing room complete with three makeup and hairstyling stations, hair wash basins, and a clothing rack for longer garments. Additionally, we've created a relaxing lounge area with a separate kitchen, perfect for unwinding and enjoying meals during breaks.

Our space is a blend of modernity and history. We've lovingly preserved the original flooring and walls of the industrial warehouse, imbuing the studio with character and a sense of its storied past. Located on a semi-pedestrian street, you can enjoy the tranquility that's essential for focused and productive shoots, away from the noise of the city.

In summary, openbcn studios offers a premium experience in the heart of Barcelona. Our strategic location, natural lighting, spacious cyclo wall, and thoughtfully designed amenities make it the ideal choice for established fashion brands, video production companies, and corporate event organizers. Join us in this unique space where creativity knows no bounds, and your production is met with comfort and convenience at every turn.