What is the Barcelona Film Commission (BFC)?

The Barcelona Film Commission is the service that the Barcelona’s City Council offers to the audiovisual industry in order to help the shootings in our city.

It’s a public and free service with personal, telephone and online assistance through the website www.barcelonafilmcommission.com.

What services does the BFC provide for producers?

We act as intermediaries between the producers that wish to film in the city and the municipal departments that manage the City Council locations, providing information about the conditions for filming and the possibilities that each location can offer. If needed, we can also intermediate with privately owned landmark buildings of the city.

Is the BFC a profit-making organisation?

No, the Barcelona Film Commission is a Program of the Barcelona City Council's Institute of Culture, therefore, a public administration. In this sense, it is a non-profit office for the promotion of the territory, with a clear vocation for public service and attention to the audiovisual sector. All the office's services are provided free of charge.

What do I need in order to shoot in Barcelona?

If there is occupation of the public thoroughfare (tripod or similar), you’ll need to apply for permission. Depending on the type of occupation (simple or complex) you will need one permit or another. This permits can be managed through this website, please check the “Shooting in Barcelona” section.

How much will it cost to process my shooting permits through the BFC?

Nothing. The BFC processes shooting permits free of charge.

What is the procedure for shooting in the rest of Catalonia?

The Catalunya Film Commisison can make enquiries and initial approaches to the place or places where you want to shoot. Nevertheless, you have to apply directly to the organisations in charge of shoots in the location itself. Each local authority establishes its own rules and conditions regarding occupation and use of the public thoroughfare and other public spaces. In case of difficulties, the CFC can help to coordinate applications for permits.

How much does it cost to shoot in Barcelona?

In the city of Barcelona, municipal ordinances establish specific rules governing the occupation of public thoroughfares, city parks and gardens and the municipal spaces where set rates apply and issuing fees. However, for non-commercial productions, you can apply for total or partial exemption from fees for occupation of municipal spaces through the BFC. The Barcelona Film Commission also processes permits for non-municipal spaces and ensures that they give a maximum reduction in their fees for occupation.

How can I apply for shooting permits in Barcelona through the Barcelona Film Commission?

To shoot in Barcelona you have to fill in the Production Registration (PR) and the Location Applications. The PR contains the general data for the production and the production company and the Location Application has to be filled in for each location, depending on the type of permit. This permits can be managed through this website, please check the “Shoot in Barcelona” section.

Who pays for filming services?

Production companies are responsible for filming services such as the need for city police officers, the fire brigade or medical staff, cleaning services or supplies of all kinds, for example water or electricity. The cost of these services, established in an estimate or according to municipal ordinances, must be paid in accordance with to the terms and conditions established by each department.

Does the BFC also process permits for advertising productions?

Advertising usually works with very short time periods and production companies generally departments and entities directly to obtain permits faster.

Can the Film Commission team act as a film location scout?

The Barcelona Film Commission can advise scouts to help them with their work. For example, by providing information about the feasibility of filming in public spaces and pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of possible locations, proposing alternatives if appropriate. This website contains a large, useful database of public locations all over Catalonia, as well as contact details for professional location scouts.

Does the production company have to insure the shoot?

All productions must have civil liability insurance that covers their own risks. Civil liability insurance covers any possible damages that people working on a production may cause to third parties. Insurance must cover the whole period from the start of production to the end of postproduction, and is compulsory on most shoots. In certain cases - complex shoots or filming at special locations - the body managing the site may require other kinds of insurance or guarantees.

Does the Barcelona Film Commission have a job vacancies section?

The office centralizes supply and demand in the Barcelona audiovisual sector by means of two tools. Firstly, the "Professionals' Directory" contains a list of freelance professionals in the local audiovisual sector who are available for hire by the global industry in a single online platform. Secondly, the BFC provides a Directory of specialist companies that are capable to give any kind of professional Services related to the Production field.

Does the Barcelona Film Commission own film sets?

The BFC does not have film sets of its own. However, you can find a list of private film sets in Catalonia with contact telephone numbers in the database available on this website.

In the case of foreign productions, does the office handle travel and accommodation for production teams?

The BFC does not provide a booking service or payment for travel or accommodation for production companies, although can provide information and advice about such arrangements.