Avisual Studios

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Updated: 08/08/2023

C/ Bailèn, 65
08009 Barcelona



Mr. Francesc Vera
Mr. Christian Rodríguez

(+34) 93 435 6489

With more than 350 m2, Avisual Studios is a new audiovisual creation space located in the heart of Barcelona that has three different areas:

  • Chroma Space: A space that has an L-shaped green/chroma cyclorama and an adjoining production room.
  • Webcast Zone: Modular set designed to record presentations, corporate videos, interviews, seminars or streaming, among many other formats.
  • Product Corner: An exclusive area for ecommerce and fashion photography that has ORBITVU Alphastudio XXL, AlphaShoot 360, Alphatable and Scancube. Some tools that will allow you to optimize your manual processes and make the most of your working days.

In addition, you can contract additional services such as furniture and decoration, rental of technical equipment and many more. You will also be able to enjoy our common areas with office, make-up set, wardrobe and supplies, included in the rental of spaces.