Interview of the month: JOSEP CUNILL

This month we interview Josep Cunill,author of the book 'Elena Jordi. Una reina berguedana en la cort del Paral·lel'. He has spent over 22 years researching and vindicating the figure of Elena Jordi, the first female Spanish film director with the film 'Thais' in 1918.

The program 'La recepta perduda' films in Barcelona

Led by Sílvia Abril, this program of La 2 Catalunya takes a tour of the Catalan towns to rescue from oblivion all those traditional recipes that have given identity to the villages of Catalonia.

Vindicating Elena Jordi, pioneer of Catalan cinema

The Catalan Academy of Cinematography has decided to vindicate the figure of Montserrat Casals i Baqué. She was known as Elena Jordi, the vaudeville star and theater entrepreneur who became the first film director in the entire state to direct, produce, and star between 1917 and 1918 the film Thaïs. Unfortunately, the copies are lost.

We visit the locations of the BBC series 'Us'

This BBC series is the touching and hilarious story of the Petersen's on vacation in Europe. They visit Barcelona.


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