The Botanical Garden

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Updated: 07/08/2022

C/ Doctor Font i Quer, 2
08038 Barcelona



The Botanical Garden
(+34) 93 256 59 95

The Botanical Garden also known as "New Botanical Garden", is part of the museum complex of the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Today's Botanical Garden is heir to a long tradition of gardens designed for studying, maintaining and preserving plant species. It specialises in showcasing the biodiversity of Mediterranean flora. It enables dozens of species found in all the city's gardens to be put in their proper geographical context. These are plants that have adapted perfectly to temperate climates despite being native to other shores.

To fit in with modern times and meet scientific and sustainability criteria, the Botanical Garden has moved on from collecting exotic plants and botanical rarities – an activity typical of the natural science museums of the 18th and 19th centuries – and adopted a more scientific approach that follows sustainability criteria.

Botanical Garden spaces for hire are those that can be found on this location map, marked in red.

Versatile Square

Versatile square is an open air space with very defined architectural lines in theatre type with bleachers. This morphology is ideal for activities like concerts, performances, presentations, etc.

Sequoia Square

Sequoia Square is an open air space with the characteristic of having an insect hotel. It is suitable for activities like cocktails, welcome drinks, etc.

Volunteers Square

Volunteers Square is an open air space with panoramic views of the city of Barcelona. It is suitable for activities like cocktails, welcome drinks.

Lake Area

The Lake Area is an open air space that stands out for its geometry and the beauty of the landscape. It is located next to the garden entrance and its main protagonist is the lake, which is crossed by a wooden walkway along its entire length. It is suitable for activities like cocktails, welcome drinks, standing cocktails and small concerts / performances.

Other locations:

  • Gaia room
  • Circle
  • Plant nursery
  • Bonsai collections