Vall d'Hebron Institute - Orfelinat Ribas

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Updated: 01/25/2023

Passeig Vall d'Hebron, 93-95
08035 Barcelona



Ms. Encarna Medina
(+34) 93 212 50 04

Recent history: The building, which dates from 1930, has had various uses throughout its history. It became Vall d'Hebron Secondary School in 2002-2003. Previous to that period, the school was divided in two different schools, Carles Riba Secondary School (1977, BUP) and Patronat Ribas Professional College(1977, FP). They both shared some common areas such as the library, the cafeteria and grounds.

The building: The building was originally designed to be an orphanage. It consists of four pavilions with three storeys each separated by a central area with the chapel, currently the library. The whole building is 9000 m2. There are details of Baroque and Catalan architecture in different areas. The doorways and windows are made of artificial stone and brick facades.

The architect: Enric Sagnier Villavecchia (Barcelona 21/03/1858 - 1/09/1931). Sagnier was a prolific architect from Barcelona. He designed many buildings in the city (about 300 of them documented). He had an eclectic style, with a classicist tendency close to modernism which was in fashion at the time.

We can distinguish three stages in his career: Before 1900,his designs are dramatic and monumental; from 1900 to 1910, he is closer to modernism with particular influence of rococo art and since 1910 (Patronato Ribas Institut Vall d'Hebron) retaking a classical style of French influence.