Ramón Pla Armengol Foundation

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Updated: 08/07/2023

Av. Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 114-132
08041 Barcelona



Mr. César Blasco Rubio
(+34) 93 170 17 97
(+34) 697 864 262

The Ramón Pla Armengol Foundation is a private institution dedicate to the help of medical research, the dissemination of Christianity and the study of the most important collection of antique furniture in Europe.

It has the Mas Ravetllat-Pla dedicated as a pharmaceutical laboratory, belonging to the outstanding doctor and pharmaceutical pioneer Ramón Pla Armengol, who dedicated the building to the production of medicines to combat tuberculosis, a business with which it generated great success. Exiled during the Civil War, the building, as well as its activity, will go to the hands of his daughter, Dr Nuria Pla.

At the same time, Nuria's passion for culture and the arts led her to start what would become the incredible collection of furniture and decorative art objects, with more than 800 pieces from the 14th to the 19th centuries. Let's take a trip to the past of our pharmaceutical history with one of the most outstanding families of twentieth-century Barcelona, without forgetting the hidden secrets that each artistic piece of the house hides.