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Updated: 08/05/2021

C/ Bolivia, 229
08020 Barcelona



Ms. Maria José Marco 
(+34) 686 484 600

We are a costume production and management studio based in Barcelona located in provençals de poblenou.

We have a 450m2 wide space that includes:

  • Work tables
  • Photoshoot space
  • Make up tables, lights and mirrors
  • Fitting central area

Coffee/kitchen spot 200m2 distributed in:

  • 3 isolated offices
  • Common meeting area
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Coffee/kitchen spot

Also, the first-floor features:

  • Receiving space
  • Loading dock access
  • Elevator
  • Interior patio
  • Parking
  • Bike-friendly

We've built this showroom where you can perform any production-related activity with the great advantage of having a wardrobe at reach ( holding more than 20.000 pieces) in case of any inconvenience or styling emergency in your shootings.