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The Chocolate Museum

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Updated: 08/29/2019

C/ Comerç, 36
08003 Barcelona



Mr. Francesc Gil i Carmona
(+34) 93 268 78 78

The Chocolate Museum is a dynamic setup, promoted by the provincial Guild of Pastry-Makers of Barcelona, located in the old Convent of Saint Augustine, which takes us on a tour through the origins of chocolate, its arrival to Europe and its spreading as an item somewhere between the mythical and reality, its medicinal properties and its nutritional value, which relate tradition to the future and that all play a part in our collective imagination.

The Chocolate Museum is located in a historical building which already had a relationship with chocolate. In the 18th century the Bourbon army was an avid consumer of chocolate. In accordance with orders, chocolate was present on the menus of the military academies of the 18th century: “ For the breakfast of each cadet and company official, they will be given one and a half ounces of chocolate with a quarter of a pound of bread...”; and when the troops were in a garrison, they also usually consumed chocolate in their barracks. The halberdier corps, which was in fact the personal guard of the King, was called, with a certain degree of envy, “the chocolateers” as an elite and pampered body that was given a lot of chocolate.