Treball Digne street and bridge

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Updated: 07/23/2021

C/ del Pont del Treball Digne
08030 Barcelona



Cultural productions:
Barcelona Film Commission
(+34) 93 454 80 66

(You can also manage the permit by filling the forms in this website)

Commercial productions:
Oficina d'Informació i Tràmits - Guàrdia Urbana
(+34) 93 291 50 30

The Treball Bridge (Work Bridge) marks the border between San Andreu and San Martín districts. Before it was the Treball Bridge, it was the Cantabria bridge. And long before the Sagrera bridge. In 1980 it was renamed Treball Bridge to recognize that thousands of workers crossed it to their workplace in the surrounding factories.

In 2008 it was renamed Treball Digne Bridge (Dignified Work Bridge).