Can Dragó Park

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Updated: 08/25/2021

C/ Rosselló i Porcel, 7
08030 Barcelona



Cultural productions:
Barcelona Film Commission
(+34) 93 454 80 66

(You can also manage the permit by filling the forms in this website)

Commercial Productions:
Medi Ambient - Parcs i Jardins

Can Dragó is a large boulevard with a surface area of nearly 12 hectares. It mostly consists of tree-lined grassy areas, surrounding the sports facilities located between Avinguda Meridiana and Passeig d'Andreu Nin.

The park was designed as a transition between the Meridiana’s noisy traffic and the silence of the Sant Andreu cemetery. It is made up of green islands, with tree-lined leisure areas and sports facilities. These include the biggest open-air swimming pool in Barcelona.

Sections from this amenity
Children's Play Area
Table tennis / Ping pong
Play area for dogs
Petanque / Boules Pitches