Mercat de les Flors

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Updated: 02/28/2024

C/ Lleida, 59
08004 Barcelona



Ms. Mireia Masó
(+34) 93 256 26 00

Mercat de les Flors is a theatrical space located in Montjuïc, it’s a historical building, the Palau de l’Agricultura (Palace of Agriculture), built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition. The Hall is presided by a large central dome of 12 metres of diameter, art piece of the Majorcan artist Miquel Barceló.

Mercat de les Flors has four auditoriums: Maria Aurèlia Capmany (MAC), Ovidi Montllor (OM), Sebastià Gasch (SG) and Pina Bausch (PB). It also manages el Graner, located in Zona Franca, a space of 1.000 m2 and an auditorium 42 m2. Furthermore, the space also has a variety of meeting areas, a kitchen and dressing rooms.

Maria Aurèlia Capmany Auditorium Located on the ground floor, the auditorium has a total surface area of 1,170 sq. m. It has retractable bleacher seating for 436 people, a stage and an open plan foyer of 127 sq. m. Total available surface area when seating retracted and without stage: 700 sq. m. (28x25m).

Pina Bausch Auditorium (PB) Located on the first floor of the Mercat, the auditorium has an open plan floor area measuring 244 sq. m. Bleacher seating for 100 people can be installed.

Sebastià Gasch Auditorium (SG) Located on the first floor of the Mercat, the auditorium has an open plan floor area measuring 86 sq. m. 

Hall Circular venue with columns that give on to the MAC auditorium and to the Theatre Institute. It is covered by the emblematic dome painted by Miquel Barceló. 

Ovidi Montllor Auditorium (OM) Located inside the Theatre Institute, next to Mercat de les Flors, this auditorium seats 320 people and has an Italian style stage. 

El Graner Large auditorium, ground floor 240 sq. m. –open plan, Medium auditorium, first floor 100 sq. m.– open plan, Small auditorium, ground floor 42 sq. m. – open plan