Barcelona Film Commission and Catalunya Film Commission are committed to sustainability in audiovisual productions and have been working for years to facilitate this objective in filming. For this reason, both institutions offer on this page the Guide to good practices in audiovisual production in the city of Barcelona and the Guide to implementing sustainability criteria in filming and film shoots, which is for all those productions that shoot throughout Catalonia.

The Barcelona Film Commission guide shows and details the criteria that the city wishes that the production companies apply in the filming they carry out in order to work in a more sustainable way from an environmental and social point of view. This guide goes with a Decalogue that summarizes the most relevant topics, which are:

  • The consumption of materials, energy and water
  • The waste generation
  • The mobility
  • The atmospheric emissions 
  • The noise
  • The support for the local economy
  • The diversity and equal opportunities
  • The relationship with the community

Catalunya Film Commission’s guide offers the necessary resources for audiovisual professionals who wish to minimize the environmental impact of their activity and is also available to administrations that wish to apply sustainability criteria in the management of filming authorizations.

In it, you will find an extension of the criteria proposed at Barcelona Film Commission’s guide, as well as a connection with the European Green Film certification system, plus a specific mention to the filming and film shots that take place in the natural and agricultural environment.

The guide also contains a self-assessment questionnaire that facilitates monitoring of the criteria applied in the creation of a production.

You can check and download both guides in the following links and check the answers to the most frequently asked questions about sustainability that we reply in both offices.


Discover other tools and resources to film in a sustainable way in Catalonia in this landing page: GREEN FILMING IN CATALONIA.