Tuset Aribau

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Updated: 03/14/2023

C/ Aribau, 230-240 - 8th FloorLoft M
08006 Barcelona



Studio&Rental (info@tusetstudio.com)
Booking&Events (events@tusetspaces.com)
Management (admin@tusetstudio.com)
CEO (ivan@tusetstudio.com)
(+34) 93 820 53 68

Tuset Aribau, is a professional studio with New York Loft look, in the heart of Barcelona. It consists of a private set of 185m2, 7x3.50x4.5 meters Ciclorama, dressing room, design kitchen, bath with shower and clients area in a space of total 400m2. Access to vehicles and public parking in the same building. 

Premium details made Tuset Aribau as the favorite option of our clients for fashion and filming shootings, where your team will have all the comforts, attention and services fully available. we are rental of lighting and production gear.

Ask us budget or visit our website to know everything we can do for your production. Our job is to make yours easy!