Shooting in Barcelona

How to arrange shooting permits in Barcelona?

The Barcelona Film Commission offers assessment to the productions and intermediates between them and the different Departments of the public Administration, in order to help with the shooting permits arrangements and apply for the exemption and/or reduction of the fees for non commercial productions in the city of Barcelona. It organizes coordination meetings for preparing shootings and offer a Companies and Professional’s Directory through this website, as well as locations in all the territory.

Filming on public thoroughfares

The City Police’s Information and Formalities Office [Oficina d’Informació i Tràmits de la Guàrdia Urbana (OIT)] issues permits for filming on public thoroughfares in Barcelona.

You can apply for several different kinds of permits for filming on public thoroughfares in Barcelona:

General permit:

  • This permit authorises a small film crew (maximum 10 people + 1 camera + 1 tripod) to film freely on streets and squares anywhere on public thoroughfares in Barcelona.
  • This permit is valid only and exclusively between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • You may apply for this permit for up to 30 consecutive days.
  • The Barcelona Film Commission can handle the formalities for obtaining this permit for both cultural and commercial productions with 2 working days’ notice. Find out more here.
  • Price: Free for all kinds of productions.

Specific permit: 

  • This permit is required for film crews larger than 10 people + 1 camera + 1 tripod and/or which require parking privileges for vehicles essential to the shoot.
  • This permit should be applied for at least 5 working days in advance.
  • Applications for a permit for a commercial production should be submitted to the OIT: call (+34) 93 291 50 30 or email
  • Applications for a permit for a non-commercial production can be handled by the Barcelona Film Commission. Find out more here.
  • Prices:
    • All productions: €38.36 issuing fee per application.*
    • Commercial productions only: Public thoroughfare usage fee.
      • Film shoots: €593.78 per day and location.
      • Photo sessions: €332.72 per day and location.

*Issuing fee: Specific Permits are not valid without the corresponding proof of payment of the issuing fee provided by the City Police [Guàrdia Urbana]. This fee may be paid by any natural person or legal entity, with or without a digital certificate, on the Barcelona City Council Formalities website (in Spanish|Catalan).

NOTA: Under no circumstances will this fee be refunded. We recommend that you contact us to tell us what you want to do before you pay the fee to make sure this is a feasible application that can be submitted within any deadlines, etc.

The only productions exempt from paying this fee are academic productions, provided that applications include a letter from the educational institution in question setting out the academic purpose of the shoot.

General Permit for Car-Mounted Cameras:

  • This permit allows a car-mounted camera to move freely through the streets of Barcelona (except the Ronda de Dalt, Ronda del Mig and Ronda Litoral), provided that the vehicle uses an approved device and is no wider than a traffic lane (2.55 m).
  • The car-mounted camera and prop vehicle may be accompanied by a maximum of two support vans to prevent other vehicles getting too close, but these vans must stay in the same lane (in front of or behind the other two vehicles), never alongside, so as not to restrict the flow of traffic.
  • This permit should be applied for 2 working days in advance and you may apply for this permit for up to 30 days.
  • Applications for a permit for a commercial production should be submitted to the OIT: call (+34) 93 291 50 30 or email
  •  Applications for a permit for a non-commercial production can be handled by the Barcelona Film Commission. Find out more here.
  • Price: Free for all kinds of productions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on how to apply for filming permits and parking privileges.

  • For cultural productions:
  • For commercials productions:

Parks, Gardens and Beaches

The body responsible for giving permission to shoot in city-owned parks, gardens and beaches is Barcelona Municipal Parks and Gardens Institute, which issues a written document stating the conditions for shoots it authorizes. The rates for advertising productions or commercial photography are 593,78€ - per day and location - for filming and 332,72€ per day and location - for photography. The Barcelona Film Commission manages a fee waiver request for all the non commercial productions that helps to publicize the city and its identity.

Note that the arrangement of shootings permissions in Parks, Gardens and Beaches require 15 days in advance and have to be arranged for a specific day, time and location. There isn’t a General permit for the Parks. It’s important to be careful with the different restrictions that have some of the Parks such as the Parc Güell, Parc de la Ciutadella and Parc del Laberint (Horta's Labyrinth Park), please check their profile at the Locations Directory to know their conditions. The beaches have restrictions as well from June to September.

There are some Parks that are not responsibility of the Barcelona Municipal Parks and Gardens Institute, and they obey different guidelines:

  • Jardines Universitat Central Responsible: Universitat De Barcelona
  • Jardines Palau Robert: Responsible: Generalitat De Catalunya
  • Jardines Palau De Les Heures: Responsible: Universitat De Barcelona
  • Jardines Maternitat: Responsible: Diputación De Barcelona
  • Jardines Botànic: Responsible: Institut De Cultura De Barcelona (icub)
  • Jardines Palau De Pedralbes: Responsible: Protocol Of Generalitat De Catalunya                                                      
  • Jardines Joan Maragall: Responsible: Protocol Of The Barcelona’s City Council

The Gaudí Square, the Sagrada Familia, the breakwaters, the Destillers Street, the Zona de Banys del Forum and the Park Camp de la Bóta are managed by Barcelona Municipal Parks and Gardens Institute.


To shoot inside the Municipal Markets you can contact the Barcelona Film Commission to manage them for free if it is a non-commercial production. If the purpose is commercial or is there a brand involved, you can apply for authorization through its website The authorizations must be processed one week in advance.

According to the latest tax regulation no. 3.6: the filming and recording activities and the photo shootings for advertising or commercial purpose in the market area, if they not cause impairment of the normal purpose of habitual activity and with prior municipal approval, will have pay:

  • Recordings for promotional videos: 176.97€ (Shootings with the market open and with reduced teams of 5 people with one handheld camera).
  • Commercial and feature film shootings, per day or fraction and market: 707.85€
  • Photo shootings per day or fraction and markets: 118.37€

For more information about applying for shooting permits in Markets:


The shooting in the Barcelona’s Cemeteries are free for the students with a certified letter from the school. The rest of the productions need a contract, and the following information is required:

  • If you have already Registered your production, fill in the form with the shooting details.
  • Tax Company profile and ID of the person who will sign it.
  • Copy of a policy of liability insurance to cover any claims for damage caused to facilities or CBSA employees or to others, and copy of the payment of the last fee, for an amount of up to SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS (600,000 €).
  • The day of the signing will be waged € 1,000 as guarantee, which will be returned once the shooting is over.

The rates for filming,  according to the ordinance of Cemeteries is € 591.16 plus 20 €/h + VAT for security personnel who will accompany the team during the shoot. All the productions have to hire security officer, even the students. The minimum time for hiring a security officer is 4 hours.

For more information about shooting in cemeteries, please contact:

Barcelona Municipal Buildings

For use of municipal buildings, the fees established vary according to the kind of location and the management body responsible. We at the Barcelona Film Commission are working to enable professional films, videos and television recordings other than advertising productions to obtain a total or partial reduction in the rates for shooting in public buildings such as museums, schools, sports facilities, civic centers, district offices, etc. The range of sites that come into this category and the wide variety of possible kinds of shoot means that each application must be studied and analyzed on a case-by-case basis and final decisions will not always be the same. In all cases, advertising spots are required to pay the full rate for occupation of municipal spaces. You should bear in mind that the production company will be liable for all expenses derived from filming and occupation of locations. These costs include cleaning, security and any possible repairs and/or damages. If possible, the owner of the location will make an estimate of estimated costs. Should it be impossible to assess these costs beforehand, you may be asked for a deposit, which will be returned once filming is over.

For more information about shooting in a concrete municipal building, please contact us.