The Auditorium of Barcelona

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Updated: 09/29/2023

C/ de Lepant, 150
08013 Barcelona



Coordination of Spaces and Promoters
(+34) 93 247 93 00 - Ext. 334

Versatile, comfortable, with an appearance that everyone likes, L'AUDITORI can hold a wide range of different events thanks to its different halls.

Its spacious dimensions are bounded on one side by large windows looking out onto an outside terrace, and which can be opened up to provide magnificent extra space.
On the other side of the Foyer is Hall 1, Pau Casals, which can also be annexed if the need arises. It thus delivers extraordinary possibilities for organising all kinds of major events, such as corporate meetings, presentations, gala dinners, cocktail parties, film shoots, etc.

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Hall 1-Pau Casals
Despite his huge capacity and surface area, the Pau Casals Hall offers exceptional acoustic conditions (thanks to the collaboration between Professor Higini Arau and the architect of L'Auditori, Rafael Moneo).
In addition, the hall can have different layouts, although vision is always perfect from anywhere, and it boasts technical features such as equalized sound depending on hall layout, lighting with mobile lamps; technical booths and an elevator for lifting pianos and other materials directly from the store to the stage...

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Hall 2 - Oriol Martorell
Open to different configurations, the equalised sound equipment is adapted to the hall to deliver the best possible acoustics in each case, be it for a chamber orchestra, an amplified concert, conference, convention, corporate event, film shoots, etc.

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Hall 3-Tete Montoliu
Its retractable tiered seating can hold up to 358 people in an open space, where the main seats can be folded down under the stage. It can thus accommodate a wide variety of activities, including artistic performances and corporate events, always perfectly supported by excellent lighting and technical equipment.

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Hall 4 - Alicia de Larrocha
While its capacity is more limited, this hall caters to the same goal as Hall 3, Tete Montoliu, in other words it has retractable tiered seating which can be adapted to different types of actions or events. It should be mentioned that it has been designed to capture all musical registers, acoustic and amplified, perfectly.

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Space 5
It is an open space of 165 m2 bathed in natural light, used primarily for presentations, cocktails, film and advertising shoots, photo shoots...

L’Auditori also has unique and very modern outdoor areas which can be rented for recordings, presentations or any act requiring spacious outdoor areas.

The Music Museum
Located on the second floor of L’Auditori, the Music Museum is a unique place. Its rooms invite you to discover the city's musical heritage, and the confer a sober and elegant look upon any event held there.