Marina Port Vell

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Updated: 03/07/2024

Moll de La Barceloneta, 1
08039 Barcelona



Ms. Laura García Puertas
(+34) 635 014 557

Marina Port Vell, located in the heart of Barcelona, offers an incomparable setting where sophistication merges with the beauty of the Mediterranean. With berths designed for yachts up to 190 meters in length, Marina Port Vell provides the perfect space for breathtaking maritime scenes. Its state-of-the-art facilities ensure an impeccable working environment, while its highly trained team takes care of the maintenance and repair of the vessels.

The personalized attention of its concierge team simplifies production logistics, from coordinating accommodations to booking renowned restaurants. Twenty-four-hour security and proximity to luxury stores and gourmet restaurants complete the service offerings of this world-class marina. Marina Port Vell offers more than just a stage: it is a space where elegance and functionality come together to create an ideal environment for high-end audiovisual productions.

With its exclusive ambiance and privileged location, Marina Port Vell is much more than just a marina: it is an oasis of luxury and sophistication in the heart of one of Europe's most vibrant cities.