Casa Batlló

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Updated: 10/27/2022

Passeig Gràcia, 43
08007 Barcelona



Ms. Lidia Tobar
Ms. Encarna Segura
Ms. Ingrid Olmo

(+34) 93 216 03 06

Casa Batlló, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, is one of Antoni Gaudí's masterpieces, created in the time of his maximum splendor (1904-1906).

An icon of modernism, it has become a myth of architecture and design recognized throughout the world, and it fascinates with its shapes, light and color and for being fully inspired by nature. Created in collaboration with the best craftsmen of the time and completely restored, it surprises in every detail and inspires at every step.

Its façade, an oneiric world in itself, is the best welcome to Gaudí's creative universe.

Entrance hall

Upon entering, a double vestibule gives access, on the one hand, to the home of the Batlló family, and on the other, to the neighbors' staircase. The concierge of the time, completely restored, and the original elevator, still in operation after more than 100 years, stand out. The hall is also a welcome to a house where there are no straight lines, to the different materials worked with master craftsmanship and to Gaudí's muse: nature.

Main floor

Here we find the house of the Batlló family, a space of more than 700 m² faithful to the representation of the bourgeois life of the time. Different areas make up this floor, in which Mr. Batlló's office, the dining room, the outdoor patio and the main hall, which some have defined as "The Sistine Chapel of modernism", stand out. The entire floor is a marvel of imagination and craftsmanship, functionality and beauty and innovations never seen before. The entire floor is covered by a stucco that changes color in each room and details that transport us to aquatic nature, from the skylights that look like turtles to the stained glass windows that remind us of mollusks.

Light Well

The double courtyard of lights that accompanies us on the way up to the 5 floors of the building, is the authentic sea of Casa Batlló. An inverted sea where the size of the windows and the color of the tiles change, to distribute the light with equal intensity on each landing. It is also the true lung of the House, the main air entrance of the building. The doors of each house, the knobs and handrails or the alphabet created by Gaudí to identify each door also stand out.


Entering this space dedicated to domestic tasks (washing, ironing...) is like entering another world. Presided over by white, it contrasts with the explosion of color in the rest of the House, and is distinguished by the catenary arch, Gaudí's innovation as beautiful as it is practical that supports the roof and makes us feel as if we were inside the ribcage of a great prehistoric animal.


A unique space with privileged views of Barcelona. In it, 27 trencadís chimneys seem to watch over the dragon that sleeps on the rooftop, or rather, on the roof: a colorful ceramic covering that crowns the façade and that we can appreciate in detail here. A magical space from where you can see the sea, the city, the Montjuïc mountain and the Sagrada Familia.

New spaces

On the occasion of the launching of the immersive visit to Casa Batlló, in 2021 a new 2,000 m² were opened to the public. These spaces, created by internationally renowned contemporary artists, reinterpret Gaudí's legacy, amplifying his magic. They stand out:

  • The descending staircase by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma where an aluminum coating gives us a new skin to the House and dialogues with the light in its descent.
  • The new Simbòlic Store, inspired by Gaudí's atelier and designed by the interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violán.
  • Two new immersive rooms unique in the world. Gaudí Dôme, a dome with 1,000 screens that immerses us in the inspiration of the genius, and Gaudí Cube, a 6-sided LED cube that immerses us in the mind of the architect thanks to the work of the Turkish new media artist and director Refik Anadol.