Culinary Institute of Barcelona

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Updated: 02/28/2023

C/ de Santander, 49-51
08020 Barcelona



Mr. Marc Caballero
(+34) 93 595 14 30

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona (CIB) is a pedagogical project to train the professionals who will lead the kitchens and restaurants of the 21st century.

1,600m2 in an industrial building converted into a cooking school. What will you find in the facilities?

  1. Main entrance with a mural that changes its concept every 4 months
  2. Atrium: socialization space with tables and armchairs with natural lighting
  3. Three Kitchen fully equipped
  4. A pastry shop
  5. Two amphitheatres with armchairs, kitchens and screens that show the demonstrations
  6. Dynamic classrooms: space that adapts to the needs according to space and materials of each session
  7. Two active classrooms: spaces with Node chairs and screens 8
  8. Workrooms: Four spaces with meeting tables and digital screens
  9. Offices: 6 offices, a staff room, a kitchen