Les Masies de Voltregà

Situated in central Catalonia, between Vic and Ripoll, Les Masies de Voltregà is a town nestling in the heart of nature. Its landscape is shaped by the meanders and islands of the River Ter as its passes through the municipality.

The municipal territory is divided into various urban centres: Vinyoles, La Gleva and other fast-growing villages.

The outstanding sites here include, particularly, the Sanctuary of Gleva, where poet-priest Cinto Verdaguer lived, the Chapel of Sant Martí Xic, the ruins of Voltregà Castle and the Romanesque Church of Vinyoles, where Verdaguer first took up the post of vicar.

Les Masies de Voltregà Council offers production companies full services to facilitate film shoots in the municipality, including assistance with all arrangements and formalities to ensure the success of all audiovisual projects in the township.

Filming request contact

Marta Moreta

Ajuntament de Les Masies de Voltregà
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Casa Forta del Despujol C-17z

08508 Les Masies de Voltregà, Barcelona
Les Masies de Voltregà