Forty million years ago, nature created a salt mountain in the area where Cardona now stands, a unique natural phenomenon in the world. Its exploitation from the Neolithic period onwards fostered the area’s economic and social development in ancient times, leading it to become, in the middle ages, the cradle of the richest lineage in Catalonia: the Cardona family.

The Castle of Cardona was built in the 11th century. This imposing castle, together with Sant Vicenç Canonical Church, a jewel of the Catalan Lombard Romanesque, lies atop a strategic hill that provides a view straddling the Pyrenees to Montserrat.

The castle is divided in two halves, one being the stately pavilion and the other the premises of Sant Vicenç Canonical Church.

Today, Cardona castle constitutes an excellent military fortification site that depicts the evolution of military arts from the middle ages to modern times.

The medieval town is at the foot of the castle, it’s a maze of very charming narrow streets together with majestic mansions and singular buildings such as Sant Miquel Church. Furthermore, Cardona features a natural beauty surrounding the whole town.

The Salt Mountain, the castle, the historical centre and the natural surroundings, all of them are excellent venues for any kind of shootings. The permits must be obtained from Fundació Cardona Històrica.

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Francesc Ponsa

Director general de la Fundació Cardona Històrica

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