Formerly an industrial city, and now basically textile services, Sabadell is located 20 km from Barcelona. The streets, especially downtown, samples preserved historical and cultural heritage, especially the textile industry, such as steam and industrial buildings. Who roams the city find lots of fireplaces, some of which can be visited. Also noteworthy buildings that remain from the modern era. Sabadell also has interesting green spaces and park Catalonia, the Ripoll River Park, gricultural Park, among others. We have the first indoor athletics Catalonia. All these areas and set up a superb film and television.

Sabadell filming productions are free for cultural, pay only the rate of occupation of public production or commercial purposes related to a brand. The shootings within municipal facilities such as sports halls or theaters have rental rates for everyone.

Filming request contact

Sr. Joan Carles Reina

Ajuntament de Sabadell - Communication - Presidency Area

+34 93 745 31 18


Pl. de Sant Roc, 1 1r.

08201, Sabadell,