Baix Pallars

The municipality of Baix Pallars, which lies at the foot of the Pyrenees, is formed by twenty-eight  small centres of population, of which eighteen are inhabited all year round, two have become villages of second residence and eight are completely abandoned. This is an area of superb natural landscapes, with good access, in which farming is the main source of income. Generally speaking, the climate in Baix Pallars is characterised by long, cold, but not icy winters and hot summers, with ideal light for film production.

This is an ideal spot for projects requiring rural locations, where producers will also find a wide range of sites, from a prehistoric settlement, villages with medieval layout and many examples of Romanesque architecture to lakes of karst origin and inland saltworks.

Production companies interested in filming any of the twenty-eight villages that form the municipality of Baix Pallars should contact the Baix Pallars Council to arrange permits and to provide information and advice to audiovisual industry professionals about locations, accommodations and transport.

Filming request contact

Aroa Yagüé

Consorci de Gerri de la Sal
+34 973 66 20 40

Fax: +34 973 662 183


C/ Sant Sebastià, 1

25590 Gerri de la Sal