The town of Centelles, just a fifty-minute drive from Barcelona, boasts outstanding historic, artistic and cultural heritage, as well as many well-preserved traditions and festivities. All this makes Centelles idea for film shoots requiring a rural environment, for here are many religious and civil architectural works dating to the 19th century, and which still conserve their original appearance. A landscape of fields and leafy woods, with the phantasmagorical silhouette of the castle ruins crowning a nearby hill, conveys a sense of calm and isolation that takes the viewer back to an earlier time without the need for huge transformations.

Centelles local authority will assist all production companies interested in working in the town, helping them to make all arrangements and providing full information about the locations they seek and the services they require.

Filming request contact

Iolanda Martin

Secretaria Alcaldia i Comunicació

Ajuntament de Centelles

Telf. 938 810 375




C/Nou, 19

08540 Centelles,
El Cerdà, Centelles

Locations in this town