Situated at the southern end of Catalonia, on the banks of the Ebro River as it descends towards its mouth in the Mediterranean, Tortosa offers all the attractions of a town full of history and embellished by the natural landscape around the river that runs through. Tortosa combines outstanding landscapes (the river and beaches, encircled by magnificent woods) with important heritage such as streets with medieval and Renaissance houses, military sites and fortifications and Modernista architecture. The town also offers audiovisual producers the services of Tortosa Film Office, provided through Tortosa Tourist Information Office. To apply for film shoot permits in Tortosa, the production company should fill in the application form that the Tortosa Film Office provides by email.

Filming request contact

David Jiménez Prescolí

Ajuntament de Tortosa. Oficina Municipal de Turisme.
+34 977 44 46 68



Rambla Felip Pedrel, 3-5

43500 Tortosa,