Sentmenat (population 8,000) is a township straddling the border between Vallès Oriental and Vallès Occidental counties, at the foot of the Serralada Litoral mountains. The town is surrounded by paths, tracks, hills, woods and farmhouses, whilst many historic monuments and remains are also harmoniously integrated into the landscape here, bearing witness to the different peoples that have left their mark on this area since Iberian times. These include Guanta Castle, the Serra Cavallera dolmen and Torre Roja, a square Iberian site crowned by the majestic Sentmenat fortress, rising vigilant over the vast expanses of fields. Despite the considerable increase in population in recent years, the urban heart of Sentmenat conserves a traditional air that makes this such a peaceful, charming town. The labyrinth of winding paved streets that forms the old town gives producers a large choice of locations, including many with considerable architectural and landscape value. The most outstanding elements in the township include: several Art Nouveau houses; the splendid, leafy grounds of Cal Milionari; and the unique religious monumental site formed by the Church of Sant Menna (18th century) and the Romanesque bell tower (12th and 13th centuries). Producers interested in filming in Sentmenat should contact the Council Department for the Media.

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Ajuntament de Sentmenat
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Plaça de la Vila, 1

08181 Sentmenat