Hostalric is a walled medieval town perched on the mountain overlooking the Tordera Valley. Lying on the pass between the Pyrenees and southern Catalonia, Hostalric is directly connected by road, motorway and rail to Girona, thirty minutes away, and Barcelona, three quarters of an hour distant.

In terms of physical appearance, the town presents two clearly differentiated areas: the old town, long and narrow, crowned by the magnificent castle; and the new area, known as La Conna, and which began to grow up in the 1970s.

The old town features several outstanding sites dating back to medieval times, when Hostalric was one of the richest urban centres in Catalonia. The most important include the area within the walls (of which some 600 metres are conserved, along with eight towers), the Ararà Tower, the imposing Frares Tower (now a museum and viewpoint) and the Relliguer Cave.

Hostalric local council can provide all interested production companies with its services for obtaining film shoot permits, as well as information and advice to ensure that filming in the town runs as smoothly as possible.

Filming request contact

Jordi Casassayas 

Ajuntament d'Hostalric

+34 972 86 40 11



C/ Raval, 45

17450 Hostalric,