La Sénia

La Sénia is one of the most southern towns in Catalonia, located in the Montsià region. The environment is characterized by the diversity of landscapes that it presents: we could find ourselves in the plain of an immense sea of ​​olive trees, or at the foot of rugged and leafy mountains.

The historical attractions are, first of all, the town’s medieval area, where we can find viewpoints with splendid views, as well as old common laundry places and fountains still used today that show us a little touch of the everyday history of our town. And, on the other hand, the Military Airfield used during the Spanish Civil War, currently a museum space that preserves the old Headquarters House and the air-raid shelter, in addition to the creation of the historic aviation centre that houses several replicas of aircraft of that time.

El Port Natural Park is a mountain range presented as an unusual place full of wild life. Moreover, it is characterised by a great variety of fauna and botanical wealth, with Europe’s southernmost beechwood and the presence of several monumental trees.

The Sénia River is one of the most distinctive elements in this zone. As the torrent passes through our village, we can see a river surrounded by a large riverside forest with places that invite us to visit, and hiding the existence of several old buildings, such as mills and some bridges that cross it.


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