Lleida, the westernmost capital in Catalonia, is a modern, well-communicated city situated in a unique natural setting. The city’s economy is based on the agri-food industry and services of all kinds, activities which have helped to shape it physically and which mean that production companies filming here will find all the facilities they require.

The city boasts a full range of municipal buildings and venues, including the university campus, several museums and art centres, multi-purpose halls, theatres and an auditorium. These facilities not only enrich the local cultural life, but also provide perfectly-equipped sites for film shoots. Particularly outstanding is the monumental Gardeny, a medieval site and ancient military barracks that, awaiting the completion of the Science and Technology Park – Magical Media, presently provides production companies with an enormous, highly adaptable film studio.

La Llotja also becomes since 2010 in a landmark building in the city and raised a great architectural body that establishes a visual dialogue with the historic city and the Old Cathedral.

Moreover, Lleida is also the site of such important natural areas as the Mitjana Natural Park, the River Segre Park and the Camps Elisis, as well as the Horta, or green belt around the city.

Those interested in filming in the city should contact with Culture’s Department in the City Council of Lleida.

Filming request contact

Maria Domènech Nadal

Tècnica del Departament d’Audiovisuals – Regidoria Ciutat i Cultura

(+34) 973 700 393  · ext. 1753 



Avinguda Blondel, 64