Situated in the heart of the Camp de Tarragona region, Reus is a very well communicated city with its own international airport and railway services. The city is just fifteen minutes away from Tarragona and a little over 100 kilometres from Barcelona.

The landscape of present-day Reus began to take shape during the flourishing period in the 19th century and early 20th century. Here, Modernista architecture, for which the city is unarguably an important reference point, is found side-by-side with the most up-to-date industrial sites and public buildings.

The city follows a concentric structure, with a busy old town surrounded by passages and ringroads that tell the story of Reus and its inhabitants. Reus is also an important pole of cultural activity, and is a particularly important centre for the dramatic arts.

Locations in Reus have often been used for film shoots, both fiction and advertising. Recent feature films shot here include Bigas Luna's 'My Name is Juani' (2006), and 'The Clown and the Führer' (2006), directed by Eduard Cortés.

Those interested in filming in Reus should contact the City Council's Culture Department.

Filming request contact

Cristina Pedret Llauradó
Agència de Promoció de Ciutat "Reus Promoció"
+34 977 010 667


Plaça Ramon Amigó, 1. Parc de Mas Iglesias

43204 Reus