Aguilar de Segarra

Aguilar de Segarra is a small township located in the western reaches of Bages County, near the boundary with L'Anoia, 80 kilometres from Barcelona. The town is well communicated by both road and rail. The terrain here is rugged and mountainous, crossed by mountain ranges that command magnificent views, carving out fantastic valleys. Small in geographic terms, the municipality nonetheless features a huge diversity of sites, ranging from castles, traditional farmhouses and churches (both Romanesque and Gothic in origin) to a railway station, vineyards and crop fields, holm oak and oak woods, etc. In short, Aguilar de Segarra is an ideal place for those seeking to film against natural backdrops or to feature rural life in their productions.

Audiovisual companies interested in filming in Aguilar de Segarra require a film shoot permit. To obtain authorisation, please contact Aguilar de Segarra local authority.

Filming request contact

Manel Calderó

Ajuntament d’Aguilar de Segarra
+34 938 36 60 80


C/ Raval S/N

08256 Aguilar de Segarra