Roses is a seafaring town with long standing as an important tourist resort. Lying at the northern end of the Costa Brava, Roses is surrounded by the Cape Creus and Empordà Wetlands natural parks. Every nook and cranny in Roses is worthy of serving as a film location: its long, fine sandy beach contrasts with the charming little bays that shelter from the wind, and the rocky coves, dotted like pearls along the coastal paths, between the great cliffs. Roses also boasts considerable cultural heritage in the shape of testimonies from many different periods and styles, from prehistoric dolmens and menhirs to the citadel, or Ciutadella, the bunkers at Falconera Point and the Spanish Civil War air raid shelters. The town is also well provided with infrastructure and facilities of architectural interest, such as the Municipal Theatre, the ports, the library and the cemetery, complemented by an urban landscape full of contrasts, such as that between the great modern avenues and the narrow little streets in the old town and the picturesque fishing neighbourhood, or between the crowded housing of the 70s and the isolated traditional farmhouses scattered around the Natural Park. Roses Film Office can provide producers with all the information they need for projects involving film shoot locations in and around the town and all other services they require.

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Sara Lladó

Ajuntament de Roses
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Avinguda de Rhode, 77-79

17480 Roses