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Cabrera de Mar is a town in the Maresme region located in a small valley open to the coast, between the towns of Vilassar de Mar and Mataró.  It combines mountain and sea with great archaeological wealth in the Iberian settlement, at the foot of the Burriac castle and in various Roman sites in the town center.  About 28 kilometers from Barcelona and 104 meters above sea level, the center of this town is at 2.5 kilometres from the sea, in a small valley between two mountains, namely:  Burriac and Montcabrer.

Situated at the top of the Burriac mountain, one of the buttresses of the coastal mountain range ends with the Cabrera valley to the north, the castle is located at a strategic point of control of the territory.  At an altitude of 401 meters and 3,500 meters from the sea, the coast and the plain of the Maresme are visually controlled from it.  First known as the castle of San Vicente, it later became known as the castle of Burriac, as it is known today.  

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Maresme Film Commission

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Cabrera de Mar