L'Alt Camp

The towns of Alcover, Bràfim, Cabra del Camp, El Pla de Santa Maria, Figuerola del Camp, Montferri, Nulles, Rodonyà, Querol, Valls and Pont d'Armentera are members of the Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission network through the Regional Council of Alt Camp.

Alt Camp is a county in the north-east of the region known as El Camp de Tarragona. With the county town, Valls, at the centre, Alt Camp is formed by twenty-three municipalities and one decentralised municipal entity (EMD). The terrain here is, in the main, flat, except for the mountains of the Serra de Miramar in the north and the Gaià river basin to the east. The county is crossed from north to south by the Francolí and Gaià rivers. The landscape is largely shaped by agriculture --predominantly dry farming-- with fruit trees (almonds and hazelnuts), olives, vines, cereals and carob. However, Alt Camp county also boasts an important industrial fabric and enjoys good communications by motorway (AP-7), road and rail. Amongst the most outstanding tourist attractions in Alt Camp county is the Monastery of Santes Creus. There is also rich cultural and monumental heritage in most towns here, from churches and chapels built in different styles (from Romanesque, Gothic and baroque to Jujol's Art Nouveau work at the Sanctuary of Montserrat in Montferri). Here are castles from the Spanish March, Art Nouveau wineries, magnificent, traditional old farmhouses, dry-stone huts... But similarly outstanding is the rich variety of landscapes: vineyards, mountains, pools, woods, farmlands, urban zones... In short, Alt Camp is a county full of nuance and contrast, with a little of nearly everything.

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