Arenys de Mar - Maresme Film Commission

The urban core of Arenys de Mar extends on both sides of the La Riera of Arenys, a main wooded artery that is the axis of community and social life. The villa is framed by hills, the nearest ones reach the sea shores. The cemetery of Sinera at the top of the hill of La Pietat is a point of reference and a must-see and the Tres Turons frame the Areny skyline from the sea. The port of Arenys is one of the most important on the Catalan coast. It is the most obvious example of the long history and maritime tradition of the town. Fishing and all the industry that is created around the port move much of the economic activity of the population. On both sides of the port there are extensive beaches that contrast with the town center houses a rich architectural heritage with streets and buildings of the eighteenth century and modernist facades. There is a growing supply of quality hotels and a wide gastronomic offer.

Filming request contact

Albert Roca / Txell Noè

Maresme Film Commission

+34 620 74 34 12 / +34 657 08 39 50




Riera del Bisbe Pol, 8

08350, Arenys de Mar,