• Aguilar de Segarra


    Aguilar de Segarra is a small township located in the western reaches of Bages County, near the boundary with L'Anoia, 80...

  • Aitona


    Aitona, municipality of Segrià, is known for the quality of the fresh fruit emanating from its privileged land. It also has an exceptional wealth...

  • Alella - Cal Lleonart

    Alella - Maresme Film Commission


    Alella is a small town just 15 kilometres to the north of Barcelona with a long history linked to the world of wine. The town...

  • Vistes d'Alòs de Balaguer

    Alòs de Balaguer

  • Arenys de Mar - Maresme Film Commission


    The urban core of Arenys de Mar extends on both sides of the La Riera of Arenys, a main wooded artery that is the axis of community and social...

  • Arenys de Munt - Maresme Film Commission


    Arenys de Munt is a town in the northeast of Barcelona Province, some 45 kilometres from the capital and a stone's throw from...

  • Argentona - Maresme Film Commission


    Argentona, in the region of Maresme, is a quiet town surrounded by a magnificent natural environment and a great cultural wealth. The diversity of...

  • Bagà - Berguedà


    Municipality of Alt Berguedà, located 120 km. of Barcelona. It has a well-preserved medieval old town with a porticoed square.

  • Baix Pallars


    The municipality of Baix Pallars, which lies at the foot of the Pyrenees, is formed by twenty-eight  small centres of...

  • Balaguer


    The city of...

  • Balenyà - Osona


    The town of Hostalets was set in an strategic site, at the top of the old Pujolric climb, later known as Sant Antoni climb. Due to the sanctuary...

  • Banyoles

  • Barcelona



    Barcelona is a city and metropolis located on the Mediterranean coast, in the Iberian Peninsula. ...

  • Begur



    Located in the heart of Empordà, the town of Begur and its beaches are one of the most wonderful spots on the Costa Brava. The...

  • Bellaterra

  • Berga - Berguedà


    Capital of the Berguedà region, 100 km / 1 hour from Barcelona. It has a beautiful old town, some original open-air laundries, the convent of Sant...

  • Bagà, L'Alt Berguedà




    L’Alt Berguedà is a county in northern Catalonia, nestling in the Pyrenees, just over 100...

  • Blanes


    Blanes, Garden of the Mediterranean.

    Blanes contains all the excitement of a small village,...

  • Borredà - Berguedà


    Small town in the Alt Berguedà, located 119 km. / 1.40h. of Barcelona. It has a well-preserved old town and a beautiful Romanesque church nearby...

  • Cabrera de Mar - Maresme Film Commission


    Cabrera de Mar is a town in the Maresme region located in a small valley open to the coast, between the towns of Vilassar de Mar and Mataró.  It...

  • Cabrils - Maresme Film Commission


    Cabrils is full of surprises, an idyllic and different destination ready to be rediscovered. Between the sea and the mountains, it is a territory...

  • Cadaqués



    Cadaqués, situated at the heart of the Cape Creus peninsula, in the most northeasterly point in Catalonia, is one of the most...

  • Calaf


    Calaf is a municipality located in the center of Catalonia with good connections by road and public transport. Mounted on a plateau and surrounded...

  • Platja Tres Micos, Caldes d'Estrac

    Caldes d'Estrac - Maresme Film Commission


    The municipality of Caldes d’Estrac, also known as Caldetes, is one of the smallest in Catalonia. Three important communication...

  • Hostal de la Plaça de Caldes de Montbui

    Caldes de Montbui

  • Calella



    Discover Calella, a unique city!

    Calella is a Mediterranean, dynamic and modern city, while also full of history and traditions. A city...

  • Canet de Mar - Maresme Film Commission


    Canet de Mar es una población de la comarca del Maresme. A parte del excelente clima, la extensa zona de playa, de más de dos...

  • Cardadeu



    Cardedeu is located in the center of the Vallès depression, south of the river of Cànoves running through the area. The town...

  • Cardona


    Forty million years ago, nature created a salt mountain in the area where Cardona now stands, a unique natural phenomenon in...

  • Casserres - Berguedà


    Municipality of Berguedà, located 92 km / 1 hour from Barcelona. It has a very well-preserved old town, and two industrial colonies in its area,...

  • Castell d'Aro, Platja d'Aro i S'Agaró


    Castell d'Aro, Platja d'Aro i S'Agaró is a municipality on the Costa Brava formed by the villages of ...

  • Castellar del Riu - Berguedà


    Small town near Berga, surrounded by forest and mountains and scattered nucleus. Within its boundaries are the Rasos de Peguera, an old alpine ski...

  • Castellbisbal

  • Castelldefels


    Castelldefels is situated to the south of Barcelona. Its is a seaside town which thrives on tourism.  Nestled between the...

  • Castellfollit de la Roca - La Garrotxa


    Located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Barcelona (110 km), Castellfollit de la Roca is a small town characterized by being located on top of a...

  • El Cerdà, Centelles



    The town of Centelles, just a fifty-minute drive from Barcelona, boasts outstanding historic, artistic and cultural heritage,...

  • Cercs - Berguedà


    Small town in the Alt Berguedà, beside of  La Baells reservoir. It has the singularity that the town is distributed in 4 nuclei within its great...

  • Cerdanya

  • Collbató


  • La Vall del Corb, La Conca de Barberà

    Conca de Barberà


    The towns of Barberà de la Conca, Blancafort, Conesa, Forès, L'Espluga de Francolí, Les Piles, Llorac, Montblanc, Passanant i...

  • Corçà


    The small medieval village of Corçà is located in Empordà, in the interior of Costa Brava and at the foot of Gavarres Natural Area, just 40km from...

  • Cornudella de Montsant


    The village of Cornudella del Montsant, located 533 meters over the sea, it's at the feet of the Serra Major...

  • Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura


    The medieval villages of Cruïlles, Monells and Sant Sadurní de l’Heura are located in the Emporda, in the interior of the Costa...

  • Cubelles - Film Cluster Costa Barcelona


    Cubelles is located in the Southern part of the Garraf region of Catalonia, near Barcelona and Tarragona. Cubelles is connected...

  • Cunit

  • Canyamars, Dosrius

    Dosrius - Maresme Film Commission


    Under the protection of the majestic Parc del Montnegre i el Corredor situated in the Maresme region, is the municipality of Dosrius: a charming...

  • El Bruc

  • El Masnou - Maresme Film Commission


    El Masnou, which lies just fifteen minutes north of Barcelona both by road and rail, boasts more than 3 kilometres of beaches...

  • Platja El Prat de Llobregat

    El Prat de Llobregat


    El Prat de Llobregat lies on the plains of the Llobregat Delta. Here, river, sea, beaches, pine woods, lagoons and wetlands,...

  • Gavà


    Gavà is located a few kilometers away from Barcelona and the airport. In a privileged territory that extends from the privileged beaches from...

  • Girona


    The urban features and the heritage of the city of Girona make up a suitable place for commercials, photo shoots, television...

  • Gironella - Berguedà


    Gironella is a town located in the lower Berguedà, 50 minutes from Barcelona. It is divided into two: the old town and the newest part, separated...

  • Gósol - Berguedà


    Small village at the northwest of Berguedà, 1h45 ’from Barcelona. Located at the west of the Pedraforca Mountain. Narrow streets and stone houses...

  • Granollers


    Lying just 30 kilometres from Barcelona, Granollers enjoys a superb geographic location and excellent communications with...

  • Guardiola de Berguedà - Berguedà


    Municipality of Alt Berguedà, located 118 km./1.30h. of Barcelona. In the valley of the river Bastareny, at its confluence with the river...

  • Hostalric


    Hostalric is a walled medieval town perched on the mountain overlooking the Tordera Valley. Lying on the pass between the...

  • L'Alt Camp


    The towns of Alcover, Bràfim, Cabra del Camp, El Pla de Santa Maria...

  • L'Alt Urgell

    L'Alt Urgell


    The towns of Coll de Nargó, La Seu d’Urgell, Les Valls d’Aguilar, ...

  • L'Ametlla de Mar


    L’Ametlla de mar, the charm of a typical fishing village on the Mediterranean. 15km of unspoilt coastline where the sea and...

  • L'Escala


    Lying in the south of the Bay of Roses, the township of L'Escala boasts a varied wealth of landscape and...

  • L'Esquirol - Osona


    The town of l’Esquirol is the natural path or the door to Collsacabra. It is a large area formed by four small villages: Sant Martí Sescorts, at...

  • L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

    L'Hospitalet de Llobregat


    Situated within Barcelona Metropolitan Area, halfway between Barcelona-El Prat Airport and the Catalan capital, L’Hospitalet is...

  • La Bisbal d'Empordà


    Located between the city of Girona and the coastal towns of the Costa Brava, La Bisbal d’Empordà is a city closely linked to the production of...

  • La Garrotxa


    La Garrotxa is a county located in the province of Girona, in the north eastern region of Catalonia, just at one hour from...

  • La Nou de Berguedà - Berguedà


    Small mountain town north of Berguedà, located in Catllaràs range, 116km./1.30h. of Barcelona.

    The Marian Sanctuary of Lourdes de La Nou...

  • La Pobla de Segur

    La Pobla de Segur


    La Pobla de Segur is formed by a small town and the villages of Sant Joan de Vinyafrescal, Puimanyons and Montsor.

  • La Sénia


    La Sénia is one of the most southern towns in Catalonia, located in the Montsià region. The environment is characterized by the diversity of...

  • La Torre de Capdella – la Vall Fosca


    Vall Fosca, is a valley situated to the north of Catalonia in the Pyrenees, and it has one of the most spectacular entrances to the...

  • La Vall de Boí

    La Vall de Boí


    Vall de Boí is a municipality formed by eight villages in the heart of the Lleida Pyrenees. Situated at the northwesterly end...

  • Les Masies de Roda - Osona


    The town is mainly formed of country houses (most of them are from the Middle age: important country houses in the county history), which make up...

  • Les Masies de Voltregà


    The municipality of Les Masies de Voltregà is located in the northwest of the Plana de Vic (Osona), between the course of the river Ter and the...

  • Lleida


    Lleida, the westernmost capital in Catalonia, is a modern, well-communicated city situated in a unique natural setting. The...

  • Lliçà d’Amunt


    Lliçà d'Amunt, located in the Vallès Oriental (27 km from Barcelona), is a town...

  • Lloret de Mar


    Lloret de Mar is a small city and one of Europe’s leading international tourist destinations, making it an ideal place for...

  • Lluçanès


    The municipalities of Alpens, Prats de Lluçanès and Sant Boi de Lluçanès are part of the...

  • Maià de Montcal - La Garrotxa


    1 hour and 20 minutes from Barcelona (125 km), the municipality of Maià de Montcal is made up of a mosaic of fields and forests, among which you...

  • Malgrat de Mar - Maresme Film Commission


    Malgrat de Mar is located in the north of the Maresme county, between Barcelona and Girona. It’s a towns surrounded by a unique natural...

  • Manlleu - Osona


    Manlleu lies on the banks of the River Ter, in central Osona County, where it was founded a thousand years ago. Lying just 80 kilometres from both...

  • Manresa


    The city of Manresa lies in the geographic centre of Catalonia, between the banks of the River Cardener and majestic Mount Montserrat, at the...

  • Maresme - Maresme Film Commission


    The region of Maresme, with 398.5 km2 of surface, is located in the east of the country. It extends through a narrow and elongated strip of...

  • Martorell


    Martorell is situated between two rivers, that form part of its history, the Llobregat river and the Anoia river. Its landscape...

  • Mataró - Maresme Film Commission


    Mataró is a flourishing town, well communicated with Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the rest of Catalonia. The excellent road...

  • Mieres - La Garrotxa


    Located 1 hour and 25 minutes from Barcelona (118 km), Mieres is a municipality located halfway between Olot and Banyoles, with a landscape made...

  • Montgat

    Montgat - Maresme Film Commission


    Situated 14 kilometres north of Barcelona, Montgat is a coastal town with a short history (it was merely a district of Tiana until 1933). The town...

  • Olost - Osona


    Olost is situated in the southern part of the high plateau of Lluçanès, in a...

  • Olot - La Garrotxa



  • Òrrius - Maresme Film Commission


    Òrrius is the smallest village in the Maresme and it is located in a valley bordered by the Coastal mountain range, Cordillera de Céllecs and open...

  • Osona


    The county of Osona has the resources to meet the organisational needs of any shooting in a welcoming and discreet setting. Furthermore, it enjoys...

  • Palafolls - Maresme Film Commission


    At the rising end of the Maresme, in the submarine called the Selva Marítima, a unique reality is hidden, which often goes unnoticed in the eyes...

  • Palafrugell


    The town centre with a variety of cultural and sports facilities and great commercial activity. Palafrugell is located in privileged surroundings...

  • Pallars Jussà

  • Pals


    Pals is located in the middle of the Empordà, it is made up of three districts: Pals, Masos de Pals and Platja de Pals. The town offers a wide...

  • Pineda de Mar - Maresme Film Commission

  • Pobla de Lillet - Berguedà


    Municipality located northeast of Berguedà, at 127 km / 1.45 h. of Barcelona. It is crossed by the river Llobregat and has several bridges to...

  • Premià de Dalt - Maresme Film Commission


    Premià de Dalt offers sports equipments and archaeological and cultural resources, among others. It also has an important number of restaurants, 2...

  • Premià de Mar - Maresme Film Commission


    Framed between the Sierra de Marina and the Mediterranean Sea, Premià de Mar is one of the most important towns in Maresme. Just 20 km from...

  • Puig-Reig - Berguedà


    Puig-reig is located in the south of Berguedà, at 86 km / 1h. of Barcelona, ​​on a hill next to the river Llobregat. In addition to the town of...

  • Rajadell



    The town of Rajadell is situated in the east of Bages County in central Catalonia. The municipal area is 45 square kilometres and has a population...

  • Reus



    Situated in the heart of the Camp de Tarragona region, Reus is a very well communicated city with its own international airport...

  • Ripoll


    Ripoll itself is a tourist attraction center for its strategic position, one hour from Barcelona, Girona and the Costa Brava and next to the ski...

  • Roses



    Roses is a seafaring town with long standing as an important tourist resort. Lying at the northern end of the Costa Brava,...

  • Rubí

  • Rupit i Pruit - Osona

  • Sabadell


    Formerly an industrial city, and now basically textile services, Sabadell is located 20 km from Barcelona. The streets,...

  • Salou


    Salou, a leading Mediterranean seaside tourist resort, boast a superb location on the Costa Daurada. Excellently communicated...

  • Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

    Sant Andreu de Llavaneres - Maresme Film Commission


    Situated between the sea and the mountains, just 35 kilometres north of Barcelona, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres is one of the most peaceful towns on...

  • Sant Boi de Llobregat

    Sant Boi de Llobregat


    Located in Baix Llobregat County, 10 km from Barcelona, Sant Boi offers many attractive sites ideal for filming audiovisual productions. In Sant...

  • Sant Cebrià de Vallalta - Maresme Film Commission


    Sant Cebrià de Vallalta is located in a mountainous valley of the Maresme region, between Sant Iscle de Vallalta and Sant Pol de Mar. Located in...

  • Sant Cugat del Vallès


    Sant Cugat is heritage. The heart of its history is to be found in its streets and squares, where the crossroads of the past are...

  • Sant Esteve Sesrovires

    Sant Esteve Sesrovires


    Sant Esteve Sesrovires is a small town (population 7,000) in the north of Baix Llobregat county on the border with the Penedès region. This is an...

  • Sant Joan de les Abadesses


    The town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses lies at the foot of the Pyrenees in Ripollès county, nestling at the heart of one of the valleys formed by...

  • Sant Joan les Fonts


    The town, has three separate districts: Sant Joan les Fonts, la Canya and Begudà. The rich history of the town can still be appreciated in...

  • Sant Quirze del Vallès


    San Quirze del Valles is located in one of the most privileged areas of Catalonia. Heart of main road communications in Europe, such as the E-9...

  • Sant Vicenç de Montalt - Maresme Film Commission


    Sant Vicenç de Montalt is a charming town, cozy and quiet, with sea and mountains, which offers us the advantages of a privileged geographical...

  • Santa Coloma de Gramenet

  • Santa Pau - La Garrotxa


    Our municipality has an area of ​​49.01 km2 and is 496 m. of altitude at sea level. 81% of the municipality is part of the Natural Park of the...

  • Santa Pau - La Garrotxa


    The municipality of Santa Pau, the richest and most varied in volcanic features of the whole La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, has special...

  • Santa Susanna - Maresme Film Commission


    Santa Susanna enjoys a privileged location between the green of the Montnegre - Corredor Natural Park and the intense blue of the Mediterranean...

  • Sentmenat



    Sentmenat (population 8,000) is a township straddling the border between Vallès Oriental and Vallès Occidental counties, at the...

  • Seva - Osona


    Village extended close to the Montseny Natural Park, in Congost Valley. It is formed by two separate areas close to Brull region. The town was an...

  • Sitges



    Sitges Film Office is a public service of the Sitges City Council whose mission is to promote the municipality as an ideal...

  • Solsona



    Well communicated by road, Solsona lies at the heart of Catalonia, in the Pre-Pyrenees, halfway between Andorra and Barcelona....

  • Sort



    Sort and the Pallars Sobirà offer a good variety of shooting locations, thanks to the spectacular contrasts of its valley’s landscape and its more...

  • Taradell - Osona


    Taradell is located close to Montseny, the Vic’s plain and Guilleries. Because of that, the region is a mixture between the mountains and the...

  • Tarragona


    The city of Tarragona is pure Mediterranean essence. Very well connected and located less than an hour from Barcelona, has a...

  • Tàrrega


    Tarrega is the capital city of the Urgell region with a population of 17.500 inhabitants.  Dynamic and comercial city, it centralizes the...

  • Tavèrnoles - Osona


    The end bell tower of St. Stephen’s unmistakable silhouette Tavèrnoles, at the end of the plain, where they begin to climb the William. A renowned...

  • Teià - Maresme Film Commission


    Teià is a town with a privileged location, located a few kilometers from Barcelona and protected by the Coastal Litoral and the Mediterranean sea...

  • Terrassa


    Terrassa Film Office is a municipal office established as a public service, which offers a huge catalogue of free locations and...

  • Tiana - Maresme Film Commission


    Tiana can be found in the Sierra de Marina and on the eastern coast of Catalonia, in the southernmost part of the Maresme region, 15 km from...

  • Tona - Osona


    Tona, has an area of 16,47 km2 and is 598 metres above sea level. It belongs to the Vic’s plain. Due to to the discovery of sulfurous water at the...

  • Tordera - Maresme Film Commission

  • Tornabous


    We present Tornabous the town, which sits on the flat area of Urgell. At its landscape dominated by green hue, due to the...

  • Torroella de Montgrí


    Torroella de Montgrí: A royal town at the foot of Montgrí massif

    Only 6km from the sea and the Montgrí shelter (302m), watered by the River...

  • Torroella de Montgrí - L'Estartit


    L’Estartit: L’Estartit, on the coast, is one of the best tourist resorts on the Costa Brava, with the Mediterranean Sea and the Medes Islands as a...

  • Tortosa



    Situated at the southern end of Catalonia, on the banks of the Ebro River as it descends towards its mouth in the Mediterranean...

  • Tossa de Mar


    Tossa de Mar is a typical resort on the Costa Brava in Catalunya, 90 km. from Barcelona. Its special mediterranean features surprises everyone,...

  • Val d'Aran


    The townships of Naut Aran, Es Bòrdes i Vielha - Mijaran are members of the network Catalunya...

  • Vall de Tenes

    Vall de Tenes


    The town of Bigues i Riells, Lliçà d'Amunt, Lliçà de Vall and Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana are members of the BCFC network through the Mancomunitat de...

  • Valls d'Àneu

    Valls d'Àneu


    The town of Alt Àneu, Espot, Esterri d'Àneu and La Guingueta d'Àneu are members of the CATALUNYA FILM COMMISSION network through the Valls d'Àneu...

  • Vic

    Vic - Osona


    Superbly situated, an hour from the Costa Brava and the same distance from the Pyrenees, the city of Vic is an active, dynamic urban centre...

  • Vidrà - Osona


    Vidrà has got 34 km2, and it is formed by the nucleus of Vidrà, la Creu de l’Arç and the neighbourhood of Ciuret, and several farms. It is ...

  • Viladecans



    Viladecans is a town in Baix Llobregat County, 12 kilometres south of Barcelona and 2 kilometres from Barcelona-El Prat Airport. Boasting...

  • Vilafranca del Penedès


    Vilafranca capital of the wine region of Penedès. Medium-sized city. Streets of rural appearance and walks, avenues and modern...

  • Vilassar de Dalt - Maresme Film Commission


    Vilassar de Dalt is a town with a rich archaeological, natural and industrial heritatge. Among the streets we can find...

  • Vilassar de Mar - Maresme Film Commission


    Vilassar de Mar is a municipality located in the Maresme region, with an area of 4 km². It is bordered to the north by the municipality...