Vilafranca del Penedès

Vilafranca capital of the wine region of Penedès. Medium-sized city. Streets of rural appearance and walks, avenues and modern streets. Medieval, modernist, romantic, contemporary and industrial architecture. Wine landscapes. Wine cellars. Old and modern shops. Popular and traditional culture with unique festive elements. Theatres, concert halls, cinemas and cultural facilities. Exhibition Halls. Industrial sheds. Hospital with large area for public use. Squares and large multi-uses public spaces. Sports area with multiple halls and sports facilities. Churches and stately homes. Railway station and wide space of tracks and platforms.  A mounting rail maintenance station. Historical and archaeological interest in the surrounding area. Stable markets and traditional markets. Local crafts related to wine. Public libraries. Orchards, vineyards and crops. Country roads, secondary roads and motorways. Poultry farms and animal farms. Accommodation in hotels, apartments and houses. Festive celebrations. Nightlife.

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C/ Escorxador 19 - 21

08720 Vilafranca del Penedès,