The urban features and the heritage of the city of Girona make up a suitable place for commercials, photo shoots, television series and films of different length. Its Old Town is a large space that has an outstanding legacy of Roman, Medieval and Jewish remains. It is an environment endowed with a great personality, with courtyards, cloisters, public gardens and small traditional shops that are the legacy of this historic past.

In addition, Girona also has a range of most modern districts with different architectures and urban social structures. It is a dynamic city with many spaces of everyday life, such as markets and places, and several shopping streets. Also, the green landscapes that make up the Meadow Park and hills that surround the city give a wide range of scenic possibilities. It is, therefore, a city of size and geography that make it especially suitable for any film or photography production.

Finally, Girona becomes also a strategic logistic center near a rural and maritime land recognized for its beauty. The city is well served by an international airport and less than an hour away from Barcelona and the French border. In addition to the services we can offer as a average city, the Science and Technology Park of the city of Girona has an important Cluster - TIC MEDIA and BLOOM, 3D and Emerging Technologies Center.

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