Cardedeu is located in the center of the Vallès depression, south of the river of Cànoves running through the area. The town stands at a strategic point in the middle of the connections between Barcelona and Girona.

The first historical reference was founded in the tenth century, when appear the name of Carotitulo. The parish is documented from 1012 and belonged to the domain of Castell de Vilamajor. Cardedeu took on urban city from 1272, when King James I granted municipality status.

The evolution of Cardedeu to be the modern town we know today took place the last century with the construction of the railway line (1860) and the county road (1865). Cardedeu grew through these new channels. This expansion enabled the construction of magnificent modernist towers by vacationers from Barcelona, modernism is a unique architecture style that gives special feature to the town.

 In the historic center we can find a combination of tradition and modernity, heritage, culture, commerce… complemented by the cultural and commercial offerings in other areas as l’Estalvi or El Poble Sec.

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