Sant Joan de les Abadesses

The town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses lies at the foot of the Pyrenees in Ripollès county, nestling at the heart of one of the valleys formed by the River Ter. Well communicated by road, just 100 km from Barcelona and 70 km from Girona, Sant Joan commands magnificent views over the Serra Cavallera mountain range. Sant Joan offers prospective production companies a harmonious combination of history, art and landscape. The town boasts a history that goes back 1100 years, one steeped in legend and tradition, which is represented today by much rich architectural heritage. The outstanding sites here range from perfectly conserved Gothic constructions--such as the monastery and the 'Old Bridge' and streets, squares, buildings and the remains of the 12th-century city walls in the Old Town, or Vila Vella, to examples of 19th-century industrial architecture, such as the Llaudet industrial community. The natural beauty spots in the area include the confluence of the Ter and Arçamala rivers and two legendary peaks, Taga and Sant Amand. These mountains look down on a lush, green landscape dotted with hills and criss-crossed by a network of paths that enable visitors to discover many local Romanesque and Gothic sites--fountains and well-conserved little chapels. All in all, a matchless setting, perfect for all types of film production projects. Production companies interested in filming in Sant Joan de les Abadesses should contact the Tourism Office.

Filming request contact

Elena Bañó

Sant Joan de les Abadesses Town Hall

+34 972 72 05 99

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Plaça de l'Abadia, 9

17860 Sant Joan de les Abadesses