Well communicated by road, Solsona lies at the heart of Catalonia, in the Pre-Pyrenees, halfway between Andorra and Barcelona. The township boasts enormous architectural and cultural heritage. Although the natural surroundings are one of its main strengths, the locations most strongly recommended for film shoots are sites within the walled city, with its maze of medieval streets and squares. The Gothic Town Hall, the Palau Llobera mansion, the Bishop¿s Palace, the cathedral, Plaça de Sant Joan and Carrer de Llobera, a street lined by wealthy merchants' houses, are just some of the attractions in Solsona, ideal for audiovisual productions seeking historic settings. Moreover, the baroque period, during which the city flourished most, is represented here by many sites, such as the Casa Morató house, the Portal del Pont gate, in neoclassical style, and several elements in the cathedral interior and exterior, as well as the 'Pou de Gel' - an ice well. Those interested in filming in Solsona should contact the local authority Communication Department.

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Noemí Vilaseca i Casals

Ajuntament de Solsona
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